School Council

School Council Page.

The children of our classes voted democratically to choose us as their representatives.

24 members were elected by pupils and 2 members were elected by the Headteacher.

We are going to work together to make our school council a productive and effective  party.

That means improving the school for everyone, with everyone.  The School Council meets each fortnight to discuss ways in which to improve the school. Decisions are  fed back in class and any issues that arise are discussed.

 Our School Council will:

• Use notice boards to give everyone information on current projects and completed projects.

• Talk to our classmates to get their ideas on how to improve the school

• Meet with Ms Mirza monthly to discuss projects

• Try to make their ideas happen

• Hold drop in surgeries led by our Year 6 councillors

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School Council Catering

On Tuesday 10th February four members of the school council from different year groups were involved in interviewing and choosing our new lunch providers. We met with two catering companies. During the morning we tasted samples of the food that would be provided if the bids were successful. There was some very delicious food! We also asked lots of questions such as ‘What about children with allergies?’ ‘Is the food halal?’ and ‘How will the new school dinners be promoted?’ We were able to give our opinions on the food and say...

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