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Office Information

Dear Parents/carers,

Kindly make note of all the information below to ensure that you are well informed of Tiverton Primary School’s guidelines.

Office opening hours: 8am – 10:30am/2:30pm – 4pm

All absences and lates should be reported to the office before 9am on 02088003779.

If your child is absent due to an illness or medical appointment, please ensure you provide evidence on their return so that their absence can be authorised.

Tiverton Primary School has a strict policy that children should only return to school 48 hours after their last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea when they have been unwell. This policy has been devised following advice from medical professionals. Please make every effort to adhere to this.

School dinners are £2.20 per day and £11 per week. You are welcome to pay termly. We advise that you pay a week in advanced to avoid incurring a debt.

If you think you are eligible for Free School Meals please contact the office for further information.

Children are expected to have the same meal preference for a whole term. If your child wishes to change their preference, this must be put in writing and given to the Office in advance of the change.


Please advise the office about any changes to addresses or telephone numbers as soon as possible.

Please inform the office of any early collections prior to you collecting your child to ensure the class teacher has been given notice.

Failure to collect your child on time after school will result in them being sent to After School Club, a service for which you will be charged.

If you would like help signing up to ParentMail please come to the office for assistance.

Thank You,

Ms Theophilou Miss Thompson

Office Manger Attendance Officer

Please download this information in:

Office Information Turkish

Office Information Polish

Office Information Spanish


Trips for Parents & Carers: Tiverton parents/carers have been to the National Gallery, the Bank of England Museum, the Geffrye Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Houses of Parliament. Click on the link for some photos of our travels. For details of future trips, speak to Eleanor (Parent Support)
Classes and Online Learning for Parents & Carers: Information about ESOL and ICT classes for parents/carers. Links to useful websites. Links for Parents & Carers: Some useful links for parents/carers. 

Parents’ & Carers’ Involvement Week

Parents’ & Carers’ Involvement Week

Parents’ & Carers’ Involvement Week Sky Elisiya’s mum enjoying the farm animals Sky Elisiya’s mum playing ball games with the children Sky Elisiya’s mum playing counting games on the wall Sofia’s dad helping her choose a book to read at home. Sofia’s dad helping to choose a book for her to read together at home. Sofia is giving her dad a cup of tea.

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Parent View

Parent View

Tell us what you think! At Tiverton, we always welcome feedback from parents and carers. Your experience and opinions matter to us. Did you know there is now a quick and easy way to share your views on any school your child attends? Visit Parentview, an Ofsted website, and log on to answer 12 questions about the school. Ofsted publish all the results as a graph, like this one: Your name and your child’s name will not be published. Ofsted also use the responses to get a picture of parent’s and carer’s views on a school. PLEASE...

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