Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies


Tiverton Primary is an Eco-School and we have earned Green Flag Status.  This means that we aim to empower our pupils to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning.

Over time and through commitment to the Eco-Schools seven steps process, improvements will be seen in both learning outcomes, attitude and behaviour of students and the local community. Tiverton pupils, staff and parents/carers are committed to continue our hard work to keep our Green Flag Status.




Green Flag


Well done to the eco team who were able to answer the Eco School Assessor’s questions in detail, demonstrating all the Eco knowledge that they have learned at Tiverton Primary School. They were

able to discuss and point out all the work that the children, teachers and parents/carers have done in the classroom, around the school and in the gardens. Our Green Flag Status has been renewed and we have a new Green Flag.