At Tiverton Primary School we aim to make our school a place where children can explore the world of science and maintain their curiosity. We aim to teach topics following the Science Bug Scheme in an interactive, fun and memorable way. This scheme contains 36 units of study with a focus on easily manageable hands-on science. It has a straightforward structure with six units for each year group and six lessons in each unit in line with the guidance from the National Curriculum (2014). Children are encouraged to think and work scientifically, which is a major part of the new curriculum and is at the heart of every science topic. The different types of enquiry we will cover are: observing over time, classifying, research, comparative and fair testing and pattern seeking. In the Foundation Stage lessons are taught using the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Principles’ for knowledge and understanding of the world.

We are delighted to have received a silver award from the Primary Science Quality Mark. We are very proud of our Science garden which we use to explore the natural world.  Here we plant seeds and watch them grow, as well as exploring living things and their habitats. Our Principles of Science are:

  • It is practical and engaging
  • It is child learning centred
  • It is well planned and resourced
  • It provides a variety of experiences.

The science Leader  is Ms Zerrin Ozyigit




Science Curriculum Map 2018-2019

Science Bug Unit Map with Learning Objectives



Science SIlverWe are delighted to announce that Tiverton Primary School has been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) award!

In order to achieve this award, we have made many positive changes to our Science curriculum over the last year. We have had to compile a bank of evidence that shows the progress we have made as a school and evidence of the learning that takes place here. The children’s amazing work during science lessons has played a major part in securing the award so we would like to thank all children and staff who worked so hard for this. According to Ofsted ‘The process of gaining the award brings benefits beyond the certificate because it requires school leaders to evaluate their provision and justify their science curriculum as being fit for promoting good learning’.

If you have any questions about Science at Tiverton please contact Ms Zerrin Ozyigit, the Science Leader.