Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays a vital role in the curriculum and is taught throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6. Each class is timetabled for one session a week in our fully equipped ICT suite, where specific ICT skills are taught. In addition to this, each class has its own computer which children use to support their learning in other curriculum areas.

Each class has a digital camera, for recording special events such as class trips, theme days and lessons such as PE and Art. The pictures taken are often used in displays around the school and on our website as a way of displaying the children’s achievements.


Our vision for ICT at Tiverton: Every child prepared for tomorrow.

Children will be given the skills and experiences to enable them to not just to use current technologies but to prepare them for the many changes and developments that lie ahead in the 21st century.

Regardless of social, cultural or economic background, Tiverton will ensure all our children have the opportunities to achieve through ICT.
The ICT Leader is Mr Sylwester Sobczynski.


Please click to download: Computing Curriculum Objectives 

Please click to view: Safety on the Net This link gives excellent advice on how to be safe on the internet.