Humanities: History and Geography

Humanities: History and Geography

Humanities: History and Geography

All children in our school participate in a humanities subject. Early Years follow the principles from the EYFS through Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

This year we have incorporated our humanities lessons into our topic work. Many of the exciting topics we will be covering this year are based around humanities such as: The Arctic, The Terrible Tudors and Captain Planet.

One humanities subject is taught every half term: this can be either history or Geography

History teaching offers opportunities to develop children’s sense of identity through learning about the development of Britain, Europe and the world. It also introduces children to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past. 

Geography teaching offers opportunities to stimulate children’s interest in their surroundings and in the variety of human and physical conditions on the Earth’s surface. Through Geography we aim to help children to develop an informed concern about the quality of the environment and the future of the human habitat and thereby enhance children’s sense of responsibility for the care of the Earth and its people.

The History and Geography Leader is Ms Michelle Ferry


Geography Curriculum Objectives

History Curriculum Objectives